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   Team Speak, Ventrilo and Guild Forum info   



Please register on our forum.
We welcome all our friends from other guilds to join as well.  
By special request we will have a rant board.  However posts
@Buffybott will be deleted.
All QQ's will be referred to the VN board



I have taken our TS server down. We have been using the alliance Vent server for sometime now.

For the server name and port please ask in /gu or /as.


If we need to replace it I will set one up.  I will leave the how to for TS up, it might come

in handy.


Microphone setup:  This goes for Vent or TS.  Here is a link to a video on CNET.com that explains

How to set up your microphone for the first time.  





To Install Ventrilo:

Download the Vent client

Our alliance server address is

Available by request, please ask in /as or /gu

Open Ventrilo.  You will see a space for User Name, Server, and Bindings.  
Next to each of these boxes is a little button with an arrow inside it.  When
you press this it opens a set up window.  First choose a user name.  
Second step is the important one, this is for the server.  Use
vent.tddweb.com for the name and the host name.  Enter the port number
in its box, no password or default channel are needed,  press OK.

Thats it.  Now on the main window you see over on the right "Setup."  Here
is where you can pick your "push to talk" button, and make any changes
you feel are necessary.  I just did the talk button and was good to go.

Osterland had an issue while setting up, if you get this error do as he




From our forum:

Got one error... found this on the Vent site:

Q: The dynamic link library DINPUT8.DLL could not be found.
Q: The ordinal 12 could not be located in the dynamic link library
Q: The VENTRILO.EXE file is linked to missing export DSOUND.DLL:12

Starting with version 2.1.1 you will need at least DirectX 8.1 or higher
installed on your system for the program to run. You can download the
latest DirectX subsystem from Microsoft.

The first version of this message will appear on Windows NT/2000/XP
platforms while the second will appear on Windows 9x platforms.

These messages are generated by the Operating System when trying to
load the program, and not by the program it self.

After that it was pretty simple. Would highly recommend saying YES to
tutorial - it takes you to the Vent site and leads you through.... I know, I
know, I know... most of us are techies and tutorials/manuals are for noobs -
however, it does make the install done in less than 5 minutes!







To Install Team Speak:

Download the TS client

In the TS software try these settings:
1) Put the Output Volume up more towards the Max end
2) Set the Voice Activation Level down more towards Whisper
3) Under Options check out the Buffer Size and try it at the Lower Latency end.

You might also want to pick a key to act as an "on/off" for the mike.  Open mikes
often pick up a lot of background sound, also if you forget to turn Team Speak off
we can hear you... No names but it was kind of funny...

If you have XP you must run the hardware wizard or no one will hear you go to:
Settings-->Control Panel-->Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices-->Voice tab-->
Test  Hardware

Our IP address is NONE AT THIS TIME

Pass Word:

Here is how to set it up:
Local Address book
Right click "Servers" add server, our servers name is CeltsGoneWild
Enter your nickname, login name and password also "Registered" should
have a dot.